Additional Info 82A1 50BMG BLK 29 10+1
UPC 816715010025
MPN 13316
Model Model 82A1

Barrett Firearms Model 82A1 50 BMG 29" 13316

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This is your chance to get the legend, the Barrett 50! Every firearm enthusiast either wants, owns, or has respect for the Barrett's platform. The 50 BMG is the most powerful rifle caliber, until you get into artillery! More than capable of reaching targets at over a mile while maintaining the energy of a 44 magnum at point blank at these incredible distances. The only limitations of the capabilities of this rifle are the glass you choose and you. 


The Model 82 is where the Barrett legacy began. Engineered as the first shoulder fired semi-automatic 50 BMG rifle, the Model 82A1 has been proven in combat in every environment from the snow covered mountains, to the desolate deserts, and everything in between. Its low felt recoil and reliable repower delivers on target with every pull of the trigger. More than just a rifle, the Model 82 is an American icon.


Caliber Operation Rail Length/MOA Barrel Length Overall Length Twist Weight Mag. Capacity 50 BMG  Recoil Operated, Semi-Automatic 23" (585 mm) 27 MOA 29" (737 mm) 57" (1448 mm) 1 turn in 15" (381 mm) 50 BMG 32.7 lbs (14.8 kg) 10


Categories: Semi Auto Rifles
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Barrett Firearms
Model: 82A1
Caliber: 50 BMG
SKU: 816715010025
MPN: 13316
UPC: 816715010025
Vendor: Approved FFL Dealer
Reviews (10)
By Rick on 02/17/21

They did a great job kept me informed and fast delivery

By justin manson on 02/15/21
This thing is a BEAST!

I could not be happier with my purchase. I have been wanting to add this to my collection for a long time. The shipping was extremely fast and the firearm arrived in perfect condition.

Thank you gunprime.

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By Todd Johnson on 02/08/21
Great experience. Fast shipping.

I was nervous buying something online, but gun prime treated me right. Fast shipping. I got exactly what I ordered.

By Dude on 02/06/21
Solid gun for uncertain times

Its an antimaterial rifle, larping as a sporting rifle. This is the type of second amendment freedoms our forefathers envisioned when they wrote it. Its the only type of readily available weapon that flips any government interaction on its head. It turns cover into concealment, and laughs at any readily available armor outside of tank armor.

Also, get the 29” over the 20”. Speed kills, and speed is needed to really make AP rounds punch thru armor.

By James on 02/01/21
It’s a Barrett

The gun is amazing as expected. More importantly is the customer service from GunPrime. It was fantastic. Quick shipping and helpful staff. Thank you

By andrew sestak on 01/04/21

the case the rifle came should have been longer to take the up exted and the lower together when the uper is extened it dosent fit in the gun case.

By Rob F on 12/09/20

Gunprime made the purchase of my 82 A1, The price was fair and they made the transfer to my FFL a snap. I will buy again from Gunprime!!

By Erik on 07/04/20
Smooth transaction

Shipped out quick and arrived fast. Was provided with a tracking number.

By Chris S on 06/16/20
Sweet Gun but ur shoulder gonna hurt

This is my second Barrett and it is my favorite Barrett. Everything about the gun is just bad azz. You know you are shooting a powerful gun when it clears off everything on your shooting table.

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By Magnum Mike on 06/11/20
Every Red Blooded American Ought to Have One!

This is my third Barrett, and they have all been awesome rifles. The fit and finish of this rifle is excellent, the ergonomics are well-thought out, and disassembly for cleaning and maintenance is a breeze. In my opinion, this M82A1 is the sweet spot in the Barrett .50 BMG lineup because it's not too much more expensive than a single-shot or bolt-action .50 BMG, but it's almost half the cost of the M107A1.

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