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Beretta 92FS Compact 9mm 4.25" 13rd Rail J90C9F10

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Beretta 92fs, Semi-automatic, Compact, 9mm, 4.25" Barrel,alloy Frame, Bruniton Finish, 13rd, 2 Magazines, Accessory Rail J90c9f10 Model: 92FS Finish/Color: Bruniton Accessories: 2 Mags, Picatinny Rail Frame/Material: Alloy Size: Compact Caliber: 9MM

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Condition: New
Manufacturer: Beretta
Model: 92 Compact
Caliber: 9mm Luger
SKU: 082442685939
MPN: J90C9F10
UPC: 082442685939
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (23)
By Ashley on 04/03/21

The gun is exactly what I wanted and more can't wait to shoot it again

By Billyhill33 on 03/30/21
92fs compact

Took it out of the case,went out back and put 75 roundsthough it. Only had one failure to eject,due to wife limp wristing it. both 115 & 124 gr Fmj ran great.very smooth action, my best shooter ever. If you have fifty guns or this might be your first,very highly recommended it. Great commo and speedy shipping, thanks billyhill.

By John Hannon on 03/15/21

I received the gun within a few days and its amazing. The whole transaction was smooth and quick. The gun came in a black plastic hard case, and i was wondering why it did not have the silver cardboard outer box when it was shipped? Anyone could have opened the case and removed items inside the unlocked case. My last Beretta came with outer box???

By Chris on 02/27/21
Great buying experience

I had a Beretta 92F years ago but later sold it. I've always wanted to have another one so I started looking in all the local gun shops and sporting good stores. No joy, every one that I went to was sold out. I then did a search online and somehow managed to find a 92FS Compact on Gunprime. I had never purchased a firearm online before, but Gunprime had good reviews so I decided to go ahead and buy it. It was an easy transaction, and the pistol arrived at my local gun shop a few days later.

The pistol itself is classic Beretta. I did change out the grip panels for Hogue, and I'd like to change out the hammer spring as the stock spring is pretty stiff, but that's about it. Overall, I'm more than happy with this pistol and would gladly buy from Gunprime again.

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By Stacey M on 02/22/21
Supremely Awesome

Awesome gun at a great price!! Great customer experience and fantastic service!!

By Eric on 02/20/21
Very pleased!

Very pleased with my Beretta and Gunprime, would absolutely recommend both.

By Bayou Buyer on 02/11/21
Great experience

Fast shipping, gun as advertised, fair price. ++recommend.

By Frank Lopez on 01/29/21
Love my purchase and Gunprime!

I received my purchase quick and with great communication from Gunprime. I will purchase again soon.

By Crachesky on 01/18/21
Outstanding Gun and quick shipping

What can you say about a Beretta92series gun. The compact is great, and accurate just like big brother The service in getting the gun to me quickly was great.

By Ray on 12/30/20
Excellent condition

Overall great condition, delivered very quickly with no delay.

By Tacrancher on 12/15/20
Full Capacity Smaller Size

Found flush 15 round mags for this pistol. Wish it came with g kit and d spring but easily installed. Very controllable. A more trim form of 92. Has accessory rail. More versatile.

By PhilVB on 12/02/20

92FS Compact is my first Beretta & it won’t be my last.
It’s truly a beautiful firearm providing solid build quality & dependability.
GunPrime provided great price , smooth transaction A+ customer service & fast shipping.

Thanks Gunprime


By Pawel Zembrzuski on 10/22/20

Great gun/service

By Marc on 10/12/20
Best gun ever!

I loved this gun. It’s big but boy too big, powerful and really comfortable to shoot. It’s hands down the best gun I’ve ever had.

Gun Prime was also great. From start to finish. They delivered pretty quick and with no issues. I’ll definitely be buying from them again

By cnick6 on 09/19/20
First experience with GunPrime and it's an A+

I ordered my Beretta in the early morning hours of Sept 4 and only a few hours later, I had multiple emails giving me complete status updates on my order. I had a ship notification email about 8 hours after I had placed the order. Had a couple of emails while it was in transit and it arrived at my dealer only a couple a few days later (and over the labor day holiday.) My local FFL called me and I went in to do the required paperwork. My new Beretta was absolutely pristine and looked beautiful. The best part was GunPrime had included all necessary paperwork and even a shipping invoice -- which is required for my state -- to collect sales tax on out of state transfers. This was really appreciated and it makes the dealer happy.

I picked up my Beretta about a week later after awaiting NICS approval. Upon opening the case and examining the contents, everything was brand new and even the outer case looked mint. Everything was perfect.

With a couple of exceptions most of my pistols have no rail but I really loved the upgraded features done to this particular model. Yes it's a lot heavier than my Sig P365XL but it's also meant for different purposes. I will carry both of these pistols but the Sig has its place as does the Beretta. (Also I admit I do have a fetish for steel pistols.)

All in all a great experience using GunPrime and it certainly won't be my last.

By Eric on 09/11/20

It’s great

By Dann Q on 08/10/20
Great transaction

Awesome pistol. Great seller that was fast and easy and great price.

By Links90 on 07/11/20
extremely good experience

I've been looking at this weapon since it was first introduced, and finally found an offer that I couldn't pass up. Just received the gun about a week ago. Took it to the range yesterday. The operation of the gun is like my other Beretta's and that's a plus for a shooter that doesn't get to go very often. Beretta has done a wonderful job on taking a working design and improving on it.

By Fantastic purchase! on 06/25/20
Got the gun in three days, and was in perfect condition.

Couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. I love the Beretta 92 FS Compact, and I will make more purchases from in the future. Very pleased with the speedy service.

By Matt on 06/20/20
No Regrets!

The 92 series are great handguns no matter your level of experience with firearms. This 92FS Compact, while on the larger side of compact, is still very concealable with a good holster. With the M9A1 frame, you get the added versatility of mounting attachments to the rail. This gun feels great in the hands, and the additional weight of the aluminum frame helps to soak up some of the recoil.

As with any firearm, make sure you do your own research before making any purchase. If you are unfamiliar with double action/single action pistols, it will take some time to familiarize yourself with the mechanics. I personally find this to be a positive factor, because you will naturally need to practice moving through the longer, heavier double-action trigger, then transitioning to quick and very snappy single-action one. A gun that forces you to spend more time on the range is always a good thing. The reset after the first shot is incredibly short, with an almost negligible amount of take-up before a very crisp break for your follow-up shots.

I have fed this thing factory 115, 124, and 147 grain rounds in both FMJ and JHP's, and it eats all of them up no problem. The only malfunction I encountered was with the magazine during the first two uses. The slide failed to lock in the open position after the last round of the magazine was discharged. This happened back-to-back with the same magazine, and the problem ceased completely after those first two instances.

If you've read this far, then I can safely assume that you're interested in this gun. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It's definitely for a specific kind of shooter, but it will make a firearms enthusiast out of you if you aren't already one. Beginners will feel more confident firing a heavier, all-metal pistol opposed to one with a polymer frame, and more avid shooters will enjoy learning to master the da/sa transition. It's affordable, it's reliable, and most of all, it's fun!

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By Targa on 06/16/20

I am not a big auto fan but this is a very nice gun. Gunprime had the best price on the Beretta and they processed and shipped it very quickly.

By Marc on 06/12/20

Everything from start to finish was great! They communicated with me promptly! Fast shipping, great product ant an unbeatable price! Thanks again!

By Alan on 06/12/20
gun prime came strong with 4 day delivery to FFL

this beretta is a great gun! Bought it for the wife and she can rack it quite easily. We both love the looks and feel of it.

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